Colour masterbatch


Kunststof-Kemi produces tailor made colour masterbatches for a broad range of applications in the thermoplastic industry. Some examples are injection moulding, various types of film, fibres and many more.

We supply masterbatch in quantities ranging from 25 kg to 120 ton batches.

Our production of colour masterbatch is based on our own Ultrabatches, either exclusively or in combination with inorganic pigments in powder form.

The choice of materials depends on production size and selection of machine.

Small lots are usually made on a single screw extruder using only Ultrabatch and polymer as the raw materials.

Larger lots are made from a mix of organic Ultrabatch and inorganic pigments to keep the price at a minimum and still maintain a high quality.

Colour masterbatch can be combined with additives to make combi-batches, offering both colour and the alteration of certain characteristics of the base polymer in a single convenient package.